The PlateGrip

patent pending

Not just an accessory…

A TOOL to make plate installation faster, easier, and more successful.

As a commercial mason contractor, we have always struggled with the installation of embed plate. There has never been a simple solution to properly hold the embed plate in position and grout the same day. This Frustration has led us to design the perfect accessory, the Plategrip.

The Plategrip is a fast , efficient way to hold an embed plate in place. It works with all common size CMU. Easily vibrate around the studs without blowout or plate displacement.  It does not interfere with reinforcing.


- Cost Effective
- Saves Time
- Eliminates Costly Deficiencies
- Complete Grout Consolidation
- No Precise Cut Needed
- Multiple Uses
(Jamb Channels, Jamb Angle Frames)
- One Man Installation
- Immediate Grout Placement
- No Tie Wire or Epoxy Needed
- Works in all 360 Degree Positions